Selling at Fairs and Festivals

We'll help you succeed when selling at craft shows, whether it's your first time exhibiting or you have hundreds of craft fairs under your belt. The DIY display ideas will turn your booth into the snazziest spot at the show. We share tips on everything — from rocking your next show application to choosing the right event — to make selling at fairs both lucrative and fun.

A picnic basket works great as a portable craft fair display idea.

Craft Fair Display Ideas: Pack Light and Easy for a Traveling Booth Display

You may already have your craft fair booth ideas all sorted out. But if you're traveling to an out-of-town show and have to pack your displays compactly for train or plane travel, some rethinking may be necessary. Try some of these craft fair display ideas that are portable and lightweight while still looking great in your booth.

Renegade in the City

This past fall, I had the privilege of attending my first Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago. This outdoor street craft fair was a spectacle to behold. Chicago is a wonder of a city, particularly in the summer, when it comes alive. That September Sunday was a glorious day—clarion blue sky, not too hot, with just a hint of fall in the air. I set out with my family—my husband, my daughter 3 ½ years old and my son 2 ½ and maybe you guessed it already—not exactly the best companions to see a craft fair that runs several city blocks.


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