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When you sell crafts online, customers can't touch your work or look at it in person – they rely on your photos and item listings when deciding whether to buy. This section will show you how to stand out when you sell crafts online with compelling product descriptions and photography that catches potential buyers' eyes.

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Beyond the Tweet: 4 Additional Ways to Use Twitter for Business

On average, people post a total of around 58 million Tweets per day on Twitter. That’s about 9,000 Tweets per second. That’s a lot of competition for a person’s attention. If most of your followers don’t follow too many people, you have a good chance of being seen. But if you’re trying to reach those influencers who follow more than 1,000 people, your message is going to get buried in less time than it took you to write it. So how does a solopreneur stand out in a loud and prolific crowd? By using a few techniques that go beyond the standard Tweet.
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Spring Cleaning: Revitalizing your Product Offerings

As artists, sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in the rut of offering the same products season after season, when really just making some small changes could mean the difference between sales or no sales. Having revitalized product offerings does not mean you need to completely overhaul your current lineup of goods. Instead, you can make a few changes to what you already have and create a sense of renewal in your shop just in time for summer!
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Four Things You Need to Know to Write SEO Product Descriptions

When you write copy that is SEO friendly, it helps to tell search engines that you are writing something that your reader wants to find. While SEO is constantly changing and the rules seem to be as abstract as a Jackson Pollock painting, you can learn some basic ways to make sure your content fits the bill and gets found. Below are four important things you need to know when it comes to having SEO friendly product pages.
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The eBay Alternative: Selling Collectibles on IndieMade

Collectible dealers are understandably concerned about eBay’s upcoming split with the majority breadwinner PayPal. The site, which used to be the be all and end all for buyers and sellers, has slowly fallen out of favor thanks to a decline in traffic, a drop in Google search visibly, and some questionable changes in how they do business. All of this has left many dealers looking for an alternative and we have one; IndieMade.
Black Friday Sale

Black Friday 2014 Deals from IndieMade Stores

Once the turkey is gone and the pies are down to the tins, it's time to indulge in the second biggest event of the weekend - Black Friday Shopping! You could hit all the usual stores for the mass market deals or you can shop right here at IndieMade for one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts. As a special bonus, some of our merchants are offering holiday promotions and discount deals but you have to place your order now. Not only do these deals expire soon but quantities are definitely limited.
Christmas Wrapping

Handling Customer Expectations This Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for online retailers! The holidays are just around the corner and as an online business owner you know what that means! Lots of orders, lots of new customers, but potentially lots of problems if you haven’t planned ahead! But there is no need to stress out! By following the steps below you can keep both yourself and your customers in the holiday spirit!


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