Selling Online

When you sell crafts online, customers can't touch your work or look at it in person – they rely on your photos and item listings when deciding whether to buy. This section will show you how to stand out when you sell crafts online with compelling product descriptions and photography that catches potential buyers' eyes.

Get tips on how your display at a craft show can support your online store.

5 Ways to Use Your Online Store at a Craft Show

Making the most out of opportunity is one of the cornerstones of being a small business owner. When time and budgets are tight, every minute counts. Getting on the craft show circuit is a great way to spread brand awareness about your craft business, but with a lot of time and energy being spent on production and preparation, it’s essential to be deliberate about what you want to gain from each show. Gaining a customer following at shows is great, but the key is to convert them into online shoppers.

Rotem fashion is all about sublime simplicity

Sublime Simplicity: How Rotem's Website Complements Its Fashion Aesthetic

Hear how Jean Roth creates unique apparel that is adorned with art, fabricated from skin-kissing fabrics and inspired by sublime simplicity. Whether you're dressing up or dressing down, move effortlessly from your yoga class, to shopping to a cultural event, Roth's artisan scarves, cardigans, drape jackets and tunics are the perfect selection for wherever life leads you.


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