Selling Online

When you sell crafts online, customers can't touch your work or look at it in person – they rely on your photos and item listings when deciding whether to buy. This section will show you how to stand out when you sell crafts online with compelling product descriptions and photography that catches potential buyers' eyes.

Packaging: More Tips & Tricks

We've mentioned packaging several times in the past few weeks, and for good reason: It's an integral part of your brand and is therefore a huge influencer in the way customers view you and your products. For those of you who are new to this whole indie biz thing - and for you veterans who could use a little refresher - we have some great tips for branding your packages as well as getting them out the door.

Good Wrapping

Are you offering gift wrapping for purchases made in your shop? Whether you offer it for free or for a fee, gift wrapping is an excellent way to make your customers' lives a little easier during the mad holiday rush. But let's be honest: wrapping and packaging can get expensive! How can you make your gift wrapping cost effective as well as lovely? Below are some ideas to get you started.

Cyber Monday: Don't Panic

Oh my goodness, Cyber Monday is coming and you haven’t prepared for it at all! What are you going to do?

For those of you not in the know, the Monday after Thanksgiving is now considered the biggest internet shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday is to online shopping as black friday is to the mall, and many indie biz owners hold specials and promos to drive sales that day.

So, right, you haven’t done anything yet. Or maybe you have but are a little stuck on what to do next. Here are my quick tips for setting up and promoting your sale.

Robin's egg blue beaded necklace

Sell Crafts Online: Writing Product Descriptions that Lure Buyers In

When you sell crafts online, customers can't touch your products or see them in person. Writing product descriptions that are clear and compelling is the only way to give potential buyers a sense for what they are purchasing from you. The next time you're writing product descriptions, try these tips to help customers understand just what makes your handmade work so special.


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