Selling Online

When you sell crafts online, customers can't touch your work or look at it in person – they rely on your photos and item listings when deciding whether to buy. This section will show you how to stand out when you sell crafts online with compelling product descriptions and photography that catches potential buyers' eyes.

Man with camera

Product Photography: How to Pick Out a Camera

Trying to decide how to pick out a camera that will give you the great product shots you need, but won't break your budget? The number of choices out there can be confusing, especially to crafters and artists who aren't also photography experts. This checklist of essential camera features will show you how to find the best camera for you — if it performs these functions well, you'll be A-OK! (Photo by kornnphoto.)


It took a long time to get here. In fact we are not really here yet. But we are so close I can taste it. IndieMade® was an idea that came to me about five years ago. In the early 00s, I had designed and launched a couple of websites on my own--even one with a Paypal ™ shopping cart. I used Dreamweaver to design and ftp my files to my hosting company. I must say my site was easy to set up, yet time consuming and not so pretty. But functional…


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