Craft Fair Display Ideas: Pack Light and Easy for a Traveling Booth Display

Vending at an out-of-town craft show can be thrilling, but it also may mean rethinking your craft fair display ideas.  This is especially true if you have to lug your products and displays in suitcases and on airplanes. 

The goal is to pack light and pack with a punch!  When thinking of craft fair booth ideas that travel well, look for attractive, lightweight containers that can hold your product safely in place.  Below, you’ll find three thrift store staples that can be transformed into craft fair display ideas that do double duty every time.

The simple picnic basket 

This craft fair display idea can hold lots of product when you're traveling. Find a basket that will latch closed and can fit into your suitcase.  Bring a hotel towel or two with you to the show to fold into the bottom. This will puff up your product and make for easy shopability.  Use a couple of thumbtacks to string a sign across the back of the basket. 

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Craft display made from a picnic basket

The romantic photo album

Flat items like bookmarks, cards, and some jewelry can be easily stored between the pages of virtually any book or photo album to create a great craft fair booth idea that also travels well.  Use rubber bands, removable tape, or ribbon to secure during travel.  Once you’re ready to set up your display, simply remove the stays and lay your goodies across the pages.  For fat albums and books, stand your book upright.  For thinner volumes, such as children’s books, lay the books flat on the table and lay your pieces right on top.

bookmarks displayed in an open book

The swank-a-rific cassette case

These lightweight lovelies are an excellent craft fair display idea if you have gear that needs to be protected against breakage during travel. Simply remove the cassette trays, slice long-ways, place upside down, and you’ve got a tiered display!  Pin or tape your sign to the back and you can leave it in place for multiple shows.

vintage fabric displayed in a suitcase

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