Craft Room Inspiration: Creating a Home Studio

Your studio should be a place of inspiration, motivation and concentration. Most home businesses lack the budget or luxury to maintain an offsite studio and like most home businesses you’ll have to work at creating a home studio. But before you break out the sledgehammers, let’s cover some craft room inspiration ideas that help build your organization without breaking down your walls.

A fair warning to those crafting: hoarding materials and supplies can quickly spin out of control and clutter your home. Organization is the key to success when creating a home studio and in this case I mean micro-organization, shelving within shelving. Shelving can come in many shapes and forms and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on store brand furniture.

This is where you can apply your creativity and craft room inspiration skills. You can transform unconventional furniture into useful methods of organization when creating a home studio. Some examples include using one or two (identical) stepladders and placing wooden boards across each step. Stacked milk crates, dresser drawers, or glass jars with the lids glued to the bottom of shelves can help organize smaller items. Large bags (ie, IKEA reusable bags)can store larger items, and don’t forget you can add shelves to anything in the shape of a box.

Step ladders used as shelving

When storing goods it’s always best to build upward. Take advantage of your floor-ceiling space when you're creating a home studio. Having shelves up to the ceiling and all across your walls keeps your main work area clean and separated.

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Standing shelves help keep you home intact. However, if you have some extra cash and can afford to drill a few holes, wall shelving can utilize floor space, have adjustable shelf heights and reach from floor to ceiling.

garage storage

Storage space can come from every open crevice in your home. These days, there are plastic containers in every shape and size. You can have storage under your couch or bed, in your closet, a basement or a garage. Carefully categorizing and labeling your storage containers can do wonders for craft room inspiration and organization. If you have storage containers hidden in all parts of your home, it’s safe to have a master checklist or inventory identifying the location of each container and the contents inside.

A single large worktable gives you the space to spread out your work and minimizes floor scraps. Using one table also centralizes your workflow and focuses your concentration. If you work with a lot of small/medium-sized machinery, it saves space to transfer your machines from shelving to table, as you need them. Tables with wheels are also a plus when creating a home studio. Easy maneuverability allows you to change your layout frequently and maintain a clear creative mind.

Your studio is your temple. Design your space in the style of your craft and surround yourself with what you do best.






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