Creating Unique Promotional Merchandise for Your Handmade Business

Handmade artists are known for adding a personal touch to every sale.  Including freebies with the orders from your IndieMade website or other shop is an effective way to say thanks and promote your handmade business.  You can also give these goodies away at craft shows, to friends, in gift bags, and more!  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Useful Objects

Fabric pinsRecipients are more likely to keep a promotional giveaway if it’s useful.  Great business cards are still a necessity — check out IndieMade's resource article on marketing yourself through your cards for some ideas on how to make yours memorable. But also think about all of the freebie items you’ve actually saved over the years. 

Compared to the ones you’ve tossed in the trash, I’m guessing that the promo giveaways you still have include measuring tapes, tote bags, buttons, and cups — all useful items!  Putting your logo and perhaps a photo of your work on something that people will actually use will remind them of your brand. 

Your freebies don’t have to be fancy or expensive, just clean and professional-looking without being too generic or “cookie-cutter.”  Perhaps you could even partner with another crafter to cross-promote merchandise. If you know someone who makes buttons, she might be willing to give a discount on buttons with your logo on them if you include her business card with each pin. 

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Handmade Items

Why not make a mini version of your handmade product to include in orders?  If you sell large sculptures, create smaller versions to send along with sold items.  You can also design a small freebie with a handmade touch that still reflects your brand, like handmade pins or tiny stud earrings.  Just make sure the handmade goodies you create are cost-effective.  Never include messy extras in your order packages. This definitely includes confetti and glitter!

Samples of Your Product

If you make soaps, chocolates, cosmetics, or similar products, including samples is the way to go when creating promotional items.  I love nothing more than a little mini bar of soap or a sample of a different eyeshadow shade from the one I ordered (that I might not have considered otherwise).  Try to bring a smile to your customer’s face when they open that package! 

If you are doing a craft or wholesale show, offering samples to booth visitors is a great way to generate sales after the event.  Place them in a bowl or around your tables, and even in the press room if there is one (after asking permission).  Event gift bags (or "swag bags") are another way to get your company's name out there. Just remember to attach a business card and a coupon, if possible.

You’re only limited by your creativity when it comes to making unique promo items.  Whether you are including mini samples of your products, a small handmade item, or just a useful gift, it shows customers they are appreciated and can also bring in new shoppers.  Want even more ideas? Check out this resource article for more thoughts on promo items that really pack a punch!

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