How To: Fabric Labels Tutorial

This fabric labels tutorial is a fantastic way to get your holiday production schedule rolling! Read on to learn how to make and print labels for your handmade products, quickly and simply. 

Included in this fabric labels tutorial are two templates: one for long labels, and one for short labels. 



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-  Printable fabric (available in the quilting section of most fabric/ craft shops)

-  Fusable interfacing ( Pellon 808 is my favorite, but any medium weight interfacing will do)

-  Inkjet printer

-  Computer with Word or Pages

-  Ruler

-  Scissors

-  Rotary cutter (optional)

-  Healing cutting mat or other cutting surface (optional)

 Your Logo template 

Step 1.  Open your template.  Select the first text box that reads, “Your Logo” and swap it out for your own logo or wording.  If you don’t have a logo, just play around with the fonts that you like best and that go with your branding. Change the color of the font if you like.  You may have to play around with the spacing and font size to get the text to fit inside of the text box.  Don’t change the size of the actual text box! 

Step 2. Copy the finished logo from the first box and paste it over the text in all the other boxes. A tad tedious, but just put on some rad tunes and it’ll go much quicker! 

Step 3.  Set your printer settings to “borderless” and insert a sheet of printable fabric into the printer, fabric face up.  Print and let dry for ten minutes or more.  While waiting for the ink to dry, cut your interfacing into 8 1/4” x 10 3/4” sheets (cut one sheet per label sheet being printed).  It’s important to cut the interfacing a bit smaller than the actual label sheet so that the glue stays where it belongs- on the label sheet and not your ironing board!

Step 4.  Depending on your brand of printable fabric, you may have to complete some color-fast steps before moving on.  Follow these directions to a T.   

Step 5.  Now that you’ve adhered to the very scientific directions listed on your package of printable fabric you can remove the paper backing (if you haven’t already) and follow the very scientific interfacing directions to apply the interfacing to the backof your label sheet. 

Step 6.  Get out your ruler and rotary cuter and go to town!  Use either the guides along the edge of the sheet, or  if you don’t want to use the decorative edges I’ve included, cut inside the boxes.

 Use a rotary cutter to cut your labels 

Step 7.  Sewing.  Insert the top 1/4” of the label into your sewing and stitch away as usual! 

 Example label on product      

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