How to Use Web Analytics for Your Indie Business

You’ve been working hard, hitting the online pavement, really getting the word out there about your shop.  You’ve seen some sales coming in, and you’re wondering if all of your marketing efforts are paying off.  How do you find out what’s working and what isn’t?

Learning how to use web analytics is a great place to start. Google Analytics is probably one of the most fantastic tools out there — it allows you to plug in your website address and track where your views are coming from. Using Google Analytics is the best way to see how your marketing efforts are working. There is a video here that gives you a tour on how to use web analytics.


Dashboard:  This has all of the different elements you want to explore when learning how to use web analytics.  The first thing you see is a graph of how many visitors are coming to your site.  You can organize this by day, week, or month.  At the bottom you will find information about using Google Analytics to discover more about your visitors, referring sites, and what the visitors are looking at on your site.

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Traffic Sources Overview:  This feature lets you know where your visitors are coming from.  A website will be listed, like Flickr or Facebook, and using Google Analytics will let you know how many visitors came from that source.  This way you can also know what areas your marketing has affected and what areas you can focus on more.

Content Overview:  Here, you can see what pages on your site receive the most views.  You can also see how long visitors stay on certain pages of your site.  Learning how to use web analytics to see how long people stay can allow you to make adjustments to your shop.  Add more things, change the first page — tweak your shop to see if visitors linger a little longer.

These three features just scrape the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning how to use web analytics.  It’s good to use tools that enable you to know what forms of marketing are working and what aren’t.  The more you know, the better you will be able to focus your efforts where they count!

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