Sell Crafts Online: Providing Excellent Customer Service

Indie businesses are known for adding the personal touch to every order.  Providing excellent customer service is as easy as thinking like a shopper!  If you sell crafts online, your shop can benefit from the following tips by gaining both repeat customers and a positive reputation. 

Answer Emails Quickly

One key to excellent customer service is answering customer emails in a timely manner.  That doesn’t mean you have to wake up in the middle of the night or immediately interrupt whatever you are doing, but if you are able to respond quickly, do it!  This might make the difference between getting that sale and the customer going to another shop.

Be Honest

Buyers appreciate it when you tell them the truth, even if it’s about a shipping delay or other unfortunate circumstance.  Nothing turns a buyer off like a seller saying an item has shipped when it has not.  Providing excellent customer service requires you admitting any mistakes while maintaining a professional demeanor.  This is one of the most important considerations when you sell crafts online, and your customers will love you for it!

Package Orders Nicely

Customer-friendly packaging ideaWhen wrapping up orders for shipping, think of both the safety of the item and the experience of the customer when they open it.  Find a middle ground, like pretty gift boxes that are affordable and protective so your product doesn't break in shipment.  Also, add a personal touch to the order with special freebies or coupons for your shop.  Remember to check your package for stray hairs, lint, and anything else that may stick to your product or packaging before shipping. (Click here for more customer-friendly packaging ideas!)

Respond Calmly to Any Concerns

It’s best to write back to an unsatisfied customer after assessing the situation rationally.  Wait a few minutes until your nerves have calmed, and then respond with respect and professionalism.  Try to stick to your policies, though sometimes you may have to take a small loss to move on from the situation.  Risking very negative feedback isn’t usually worth it and could put off potential buyers in the future.  (Check out our resource article on dealing with unhappy customers for more tips on handling complaints with finesse.)

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Try these tips for providing excellent customer service as you sell crafts online, and watch for a more enthusiastic response from satisfied buyers!

Rebecca George is a certified Etsy educator and owner of women's fashion and accessory company Purple and Lime.

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