Sell Crafts Online: Writing Product Descriptions that Lure Buyers In

Your customers can’t hold your products or see them live and in person when you sell crafts online. So writing product descriptions that tell them everything they need to know about your handmade work is vital to help you make more sales. Besides great pictures, descriptions give your customers more adjectives that will make them want to buy.  Here are a few tips for writing product descriptions that bring in the buyers:


When writing product descriptions, you want to give your customers measurements and dimensions for each item you sell.  If you’re selling a pair of earrings, let them know how long they are and also let them know about how long they hang from the ear.  Think about how you shop for something like jewelry — you hold it up to yourself to see where it hangs and what it will look like, so give them those dimensions.  Any item of clothing you are selling needs to include sizes, whether it’s small, medium, large or any other measurement you use.  If it’s a print or photograph, let your customer know if it’s a 3x5 or 8x10.  You get the idea; when you sell crafts online, always keep your customer informed.


It’s also good to list any of the materials that you may have used in your item when you're writing product descriptions. Instead of saying "fabric skirt," tell your customer what kind of fabric you used.  For knit or crochet goods, what kind of yarn did you use?  Acrylic, rayon, wool?  Let the kind of material be another descriptive word you can use to your advantage when you sell crafts online.


Or should I say, use double adjectives.  You want to make your customer desire your product.  When you're writing product descriptions, instead of describing something as blue, think about what kind of blue it is.  Robin’s egg blue? Pool blue? Clear blue?  All of these are more enticing than just blue. Also use this trick to describe texture when you sell crafts online.  If a pair of socks you knitted are soft, tell your customer that they’re feathery soft.  It’s all about the adjectives!


You should consider including whether or not your item came from a pet-free and/or smoke-free home when writing product descriptions.  Some people have allergies to these smoke or animals, so it’s always polite to let them know up front.

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