Tips for Taking Photos: How to Take Product Shots that Sell

No matter the website, the most important aspect of selling online is the photography.  Besides a short description, photographs are the only thing that can turn visitors into customers. Fantastic pictures provide a way to identify with a product more intimately.  Learning how to take product shots that look amazing onscreen will motivate a visitor to purchase.  They can make your stuff memorable and your endeavor serious. Read on for tips for taking photos that will generate more sales!

You have to sell your product in the best light possible and the only way to do that is by discovering how to take product shots well. (More on best light later….)  These photographs below are both of the same product, but which one would you want to buy? 

Bad photograph of a necklace     Better photo of a necklace

When someone buys online they want to clearly see what they are getting.   If you make a beautiful, high-quality product, it must be conveyed in the photography.

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Photography, in itself, is an art form.  The most obvious tips for taking photos are that the shots should be in focus and nicely lit. Beyond that, strive for beauty. Photographs can evoke profound reactions and feelings.  They can imprint a memory.

Consider your colors, composition and setting as tips for taking photos. Do they all work to support your product?  Do they outshine the product?  Flip through one of your favorite magazines and look thoughtfully at the advertising.  What ads are more compelling?  Use what you see with your product photography.  It might be using interesting lighting, a particular model, or specific colors.

Your photography should be a reflection of who you personally.  Just as your product expresses your creative personality, your pictures should too.  Buying handmade is more personal than buying commercially manufactured.  And it should be; when someone buys your product, she is buying a little piece of you.

It’s easy to go from hobbyist to professional artist with just a few point and shoots, when learning how to take product shots that will generate more sales.  And by conveying professionalism and quality with these tips for taking photos, you provide customers with the confidence to buy.

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