Your Craft Blog: Simple Tips for Getting Your Blog Noticed and Read

Blogging is a great way to get yourself and your crafts noticed. But how do you go about getting your craft blog itself noticed?  You might feel like your artist blog is just one of many sites out there, and it can feel daunting to compete with so many other bloggers for views.  There are a few simple steps that you can take to get your craft blog seen by as many eyes as possible.

Comments on Others' Blogs

One of the simplest ways to get your craft blog out there is by leaving comments on other people’s artist blogs.  Like many of us, you probably read blogs every day, but do you comment on them?  An honest “Hello, I loved that post” is all you need to do.  If you’re a new commenter, the blog owner and other readers might click on your name and be taken to your blog. It’s as easy as that!  Start leaving a comment every day on a different artist blog, and you will begin seeing more views.

Emailing and Submissions

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Another easy way to get some views is to send out an e-mail to other craft websites letting them know about posts that you’ve made.  For example, if you’ve posted a great knitting tutorial on your craft blog, send out an email submission to WhipUp letting the site's owners know about it.  If you get published, you will have a ton of people clicking to visit your artist blog.  Or, if you like to embroider and you’ve made something pretty cool, email MrXStitch to let them know. Most websites are very open to receiving emails about the projects you’ve been working on.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!


This is probably one of the easiest ways you can let people know about your craft blog.  Your email host allows you to put a signature of anything you want at the end of your emails.  Make your signature a link to your craft blog!  Heck, you can put another link to your shop while you’re at it.  This is a simple tool that not everyone uses, but it can be a very effective way of driving readers to your craft blog posts.

Marketing your craft blog doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort.  These are just a few of the most simple and basic steps that can help create the traffic to your artist blog that you want!

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Kimberly Gauthier

I remember I first read this recommendation and thought that no one who I email with will care about my blogs. I get lots of new followers from emailing. It's an untapped resource and I love it. I use WiseStamp for my signature.

jennifer ressmann

I really like the comment about chatting with other peeps in related industries. I just started doing this and find it really fun! Sometimes they include your content and it's great to connect in this way! thanks!

Patricia M Swayze

just started working on my new website with indie made. I have to say, so far this is the easiest site builder that I have ever tried.


I realize that people can subscribe to our blog using our RSS feed, but is there a way we can actually offer the blog to go to their emails? I love that I can subscribe to blogs and have the updates come directly to me email. Thank you.

Axel McCarthy

Dharlee, our own Jessica Horvath just wrote up a forum post on how to automatically send out blog posts to subscribers, using MailChimp. 


Thank you that is perfect!

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