Brief Downtime on Sunday for Maintenance


UPDATE 09/28/14 7:40pm CST: In the end, only a single server needed a reboot, and the service automatically recovered as expected. We'll still be on hand for the rest of the night, just in case -- but it looks like everything's green from here on out.

We recently received the following notification from Rackspace, our hosting facility, about some emergency maintenance work that needs to be done on the IndieMade servers:

Recently, an issue that has the potential to impact a portion of the [IndieMade] environment was reported. Our engineers and developers continue to work closely with our vendors and partners to apply the solution to remediate this issue. .. As part of the solution that is being developed, we anticipate that a reboot will be necessary.

This reboot should only result in less than a few minutes' downtime per server. We're scheduled for sometime Sunday afternoon to very late Sunday night. We'll be on hand to fix any problems that may occur, and will update this support issue with details when we have them.


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