DNS Outage for Some Users


For several hours earlier this morning, some customers were unable to reach IndieMade sites. This was caused by an outage with our DNS provider. The provider, Rackspace, informed us that the final problems had been resolved by about 1:00pm CST today, and we have verified that over the last two hours traffic has been flowing normally. Everything is back to normal now.

So what happened?

DNS stands for "Domain Name System." It is the system that maps domain names (like yourwebsitenamegoeshere.indiemade.com)  to specific servers. During the DNS outage, some end users -- depending on where they were physically located and when they were trying -- were unable to access some IndieMade sites, because Rackspace DNS was down, and their browsers couldn't figure out how to get to the right server. Other end users experienced no problems. The sites themselves were up and responding to queries during the entire period, but access to those sites wasn't consistent. We call that a service outage.

We take uptime here at IndieMade very seriously, and we're truly sorry about the outage. And the timing is of course terrible, being right around the holidays. But the truth is that service outages do sometimes happen, even at highly regarded, well-staffed operations companies like Rackspace. You can read Rackspace's description of the outage, which was the result of a "distributed denial of service attack," at this Google Plus post.

If you have any questions about the outage, feel free to contact IndieMade support. We'll try to answer any questions that you have.

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