Etsy Connect Feature Down


UPDATE 07/15/14 3:15pm CST: Etsy reports that they've made some changes to the configuration of their network, which led to these problems as an unintended side-effect. They believe that they've addressed the source of the problems, and on our test sites the data is flowing again. We're going to call this issue closed, but if you have any problems, please feel free to contact support.

Thank you for your patience while this got sorted out.

UPDATE 07/15/14 11:38am CST: Still no resolution from Etsy. We'll continue to pester them in the hopes of getting this resolved quickly.

Several customers have reported that Etsy-related functions -- such as "pushing" products from their IndieMade site to Etsy, or adding new products to the store when these products are to be automatically "pushed" to Etsy -- are failing. We've verified that Etsy's servers are not recognizing IndieMade's servers, and have a ticket open with Etsy to take a look. 



I loaded a new product on my website and can not save this product because of an etsy shipping profile error. I can't even load my product with ignoring Etsy, or turning Etsy off as I want this product only on my website.

I also recongnized on my website blog page that there is something wrong with the layout regarding the column of tagwords on the left side. I have a pdf screenshot (which I dont know how to insert it here) if you want to see it.

Please help


Claudia Tuliszewski


Axel McCarthy

Hi Claudia,

You should be able to properly edit your product now, as the link with Etsy should be working fine.

For the tags issue, please open a ticket with support by just emailing us. You can include the PDF screenshot just by attaching it to the email.

Sorry for the headaches today!


Thanks for the warning about the Etsy related functions. I aso have been experiencing some trouble pushing 'edit's to my etsy store listings. It seems fine when creating a listing - it does create a draft one on etsy, and when things sell it is still deactivating the etsy listing but cannot push edited items to change on etsy listings.

I look forward to the outcome of your contacting with them. 

Axel McCarthy

Robyn thanks so much for your patience while this got sorted out. Etsy reports that the link is functional again; looks so to us too.

If you have other trouble please just open a support ticket and we'll try to help!

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