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Many creative business owners find the business side of art dull, tedious, and maybe even a little scary, but managing your company's money doesn't have to turn into a chore. Here, we've shared tips from the experts on handling the business side of art, from accounting basics to financial software solutions, without losing your mind.

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Spice Up Your Store for Summer

The year is half over. You've been living with your online, IndieMade store for awhile now and it's time for a little change. Not just any change. We say it's time to spice things up! By just making a few changes here and there, you should be on your way to creating some fun new products and getting your customers to take a fresh look at your store!
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What Emotion Are You Selling?

Think about the last thing you bought that you didn’t absolutely need. Why did you buy that one instead of the one next to it or the one from a different shop? You bought the one you bought because it triggered the right emotional response. We buy a lot of thing because they make us feel happy but we also buy things that make us feel powerful or more spiritual. We even buy things that make us sad. I know that sounds ridiculous but look at the concept of "nostalgia". When we feel nostalgic part of us is happy but part of us feels sad over the loss of that era, so we buy the item to recapture the feel of those days. What emotion are you selling?
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Grow Your Email List : Grow Your Business

You already know that there's power in an email list. It's your direct connection to your customers and potential customers. It's your non-intrusive way of marketing your business because the people who signed up asked you to let them know when you have new items in your store or you're running a sale or if you'll be at a show. Yet, most of us don't have a solid mailing list. We might have a few names of loyalty customers and family members but thats not going to keep you in business. And ten names aren't going to help you grow your business.
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Getting out of your own way: Why you need a mastermind group

I’m super when I’m not trying to be my own client. And I’m not alone in that. There are dozens of old sayings to back up this point; the best barber has the worst hair; the shoemaker’s children go barefoot. We’re always better at tending to others than we are about tending to ourselves. To solve this problem, you could spend the next ten years meditating quietly in a zen garden or you could join a mastermind group.
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Spring Cleaning: Revitalizing your Product Offerings

As artists, sometimes it can be easy to get stuck in the rut of offering the same products season after season, when really just making some small changes could mean the difference between sales or no sales. Having revitalized product offerings does not mean you need to completely overhaul your current lineup of goods. Instead, you can make a few changes to what you already have and create a sense of renewal in your shop just in time for summer!


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