Are You Connected?

Stone Bridge

photo via connor395 on flickr

Too often, as creatives working from home, we are alone. Sure, by not working with others we skip out on the office politics we left behind when we went indie. But who supports us? Where do we find like-minded people to bounce our ideas off?

Join a collective

A collective is a group of artists and creatives who share something in common, whether that thing is a specific craft, goal, or aesthetic. Collectives are beneficial because, together, you can get more exposure. Sometimes joining a collective involves renting studio space or pitching in for online advertising; sometimes all it requires is a time commitment. Check with you area art galleries and organizations to see if there is a collective near you.

Share studio space

Do you have a friend who also creates from home? Chip in together and rent or share a studio space. You'll have someone to go over ideas with and to keep you from talking to the walls all day. If you can't share space, make a pact to meet up once or twice a week to work together or talk about your craft.

Start a meetup

One of the most fun ways to meet like-minded creatives in your area is to start a meetup group. Invite knitters and crocheters to gather at the public library. Advertise jewelry-making sessions at a cafe. Start an open mic night at your local coffee shop and invite other musicians to jam. A few simple flyers and the permission of a shop or cafe owner are all you need. If you put yourself out there, others who share your interests will come.

Go online

Want to find other creatives in your area, country, or around the world? Can't get out much? Check out Daniella Lekach's article Communities & Resources for Makers. It lists online communities for makers and creators of all sorts.


What do you do to stay connected? Tell us in the comments!