Craft Business Tools: Taking Stitch Labs Inventory Management System for a Test Drive

When I first started to use Stitch Labs’ inventory management application to organize my craft business, I admit I was apprehensive.  As I said in my profile of Stitch Labs, I am not a numbers person, and I get easily overwhelmed and frustrated — OK, even scared — when faced with that very important part of my craft business.

I was happy to find that Stitch offers great videos and instructions on how to get started, all on the site.  As you go through the process of adding a product family or editing inventory, there are step-by-step instructions along the right-hand margin to keep you on track.  Here’s a screen shot of that handy dandy margin.

 Stitch Labs sidebar 


Like all business owners, my time is short, and in order for Stitch to work for me, I had to be able to get in, get it done and get back up to my studio.  Even with all the help available on the site, my fear quickly kicked in.  I took a deep breath.  That didn’t really work.  So I decided to email Stitch.

Unlike most sites that overwhelm you with a list of FAQs, Stitch’s help section provides you with two things: an email address and a phone number to call or email 24/7.  So I did!  I sent Stitch Labs staffer Jake Gasaway an email briefly describing my issue, thinking maybe I would hear from someone in a few days.  Try within the hour!  Jake got back to me right away, and within a few minutes, we had set up a time to chat by phone so he could guide me step-by-step through any trouble spots.

Stitch Labs office in downtown San Francisco    

The fun and funky Stitch Labs office in downtown San Francisco is filled with art and random bits of inspiration.

Jake spent more than half an hour with me on the phone guiding me through the process.  It was as close to hand-holding as it gets, and I’m convinced if I needed to physically hold his hand, Jake would have found a way to make that happen.  What I quickly learned about using Stitch is that it’s impossible to mess up.  When customized help is so easily and readily available, there is no messing up!  Maybe it’s time I finally put my math anxiety to rest?

My favorite thing about using Stitch is the ability to make informed decisions about my craft business,  Zelma Rose Dry Goods, with a quick click.  In short, Stitch helps small business owners say yes, safely. Around the holidays, there was no shortage of tasks to tackle over at Zelma Rose Dry Goods.  I was busy filling orders, shipping nearly every day, and prepping for Bazaar Bizarre and Renegade Craft Fair.  If that wasn’t enough, several different storeowners approached me to participate in weekend handmade pop-up shops. 

With time already a luxury, I needed to make quick and informed decisions about what offers I could say yes to, based on my schedule, my inventory, and projected sales for the events I had already committed to.  What would make the most sense for my craft business?  Say yes to more events or use the time to create more inventory for the events I had already committed to?  With one click on Stitch, I was able to generate reports detailing my sales and informing me what I had made at similar events in the past.   I was actually able to take a look at my numbers while talking with event organizers.

Stitch Labs staffers Jake Gasaway, Michelle Laham, Brandon Levey, and Willo O’Brien  really want to help small business owners succeed.  Their success is our success; their passion is our passion.  And they stand behind their customers 100%.

When I asked the team what keeps them inspired, the answer was unanimous, their customers. All of us small business owners out there.  Those of us sweating in our garages all hours of the night, pounding the pavement with line sheets, and giving it all to live the life of our dreams.  “I have such a huge passion for helping small business owners and helping them be more successful,” Willo says. “Yes, we want them to make more money, but I want them to actually be happier in their life and happy with their business.” And what could be better than that!

Endless thanks to the Stitch Team for their time and welcoming me to their headquarters for a fun filled afternoon! Keep up with all the great new things Stitch is working on to help grow your business at

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