Indie Style: Fall 2011

The days are getting shorter, the air is feeling crisp, and suddenly pumpkin-flavored everything abounds. Fall, that gloriously colorful time of year, is about to burst forth. Below are some of our top picks for the season, from accessories to home decor, all handmade by independent artisans.


1. Buttonvillea earrings  Sunday Funnies wallet 2.

3. Leaf by Lisa Rivas  Steel and copper bracelet by JC Wire Jewelry 4.

5. Alice Earrings  Treasure Bowl by Steve Day 6.

1. Embroidered Leaf Earrings by Buttonvillea • 2. Sunday Funnies wallet by B.Charmer Designs

3. "Leaf" by Lisa Rivas • 4. Steel and copper bracelet by JC Wire Jewelry

5. "Alice" earrings by Sophie Jane Designs • 6. Treasure Bowl by Steve Day

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