IndieMade Inspiration with Jill of Wyoming Silvers

This week, we're headed west to meet up with Dennis and Jill Hendrix of Wyoming Silvers. They pay homage to their part of the US not only with unique, handmade jewelry and housewares, even their store categories are named after local towns. If you're a nature lover, you'll love the pieces in their IndieMade store.

Here's Jill to tell us more about her business:

Tell us everything we need to know about you in 2 sentences. 

Jill: Wyoming Silvers is a Wyoming home-based business owned by artisans Dennis and Jill Hendrix. Products are handcrafted multi-media, which are reminiscent of our western lifestyle.

What kinds of items do you make and sell?

We carry a full jewelry line.  I incorporate metals and my glass working skills to offer truly unique pieces.  Lariat baskets in a variety of styles, utilizing recycled lasso's, each hand formed and fused together.

Why did you choose that field or did it choose you?

Jill: I have a passion to create, it is something that has to be let out.

Tell us about your favorite piece either currently in your store or in the past.

 Jill: Oh wow, currently my wildlife series, past work would be a stunning Galaxy necklace 

Talk about the decision to start selling your work? Was it a difficult decision to make? What, if anything, was holding you back?

Jill: The biggest hurdle was self doubt. Pricing, how to market, advertising.. Their is more to it than just creating.


How do you market your business?

Jill: Art fairs, galleries, word of mouth.  Put yourself out there as much as your comfortable with online.


What inspires you?

Jill: Wyoming and it's wildlife.  I live it, I dream it.


What frustrates you?

Jill: Having an image in my mind and not being able to produce it. I will work for months to achieve it.  Also frustrating, I feel we are on the verge of being very successful and I am impatient for the recognition and demand for our work.


What’s something you’ve kept since you were a child?

Jill: Oil painting I did with my grandmother.  I must have been around 6 years of age.


If you could get up tomorrow and do anything at all, what would you do?

Jill: Hike, spend time with my family and of course create!


Your friend is going to sign up with IndieMade tomorrow (while you’re off doing whatever you wanted to do). What advice do you have that will help her be successful?

Jill: Know that this is the best artisan web hosting site out there.  Indiemade is totally geared for you! (Aw shucks, Jill! Thanks!)

Visit Jill's store at: and follow her on Facebook.


**If you're reading this in early June, Wyoming Silvers has great gifts for Father's Day.**

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