Post-Holiday Recovery: Organize Your Work Space for Your Indie Business

Now that the holiday rush is over for indie business owners, it's a great time to take a look around you, organize your work space, and clean up your act.

Is your studio a disaster area, filled with stacks of random supplies and displays from your last craft fair that you never got around to unpacking and storing? How's your year-end record-keeping looking? Do you have piles of paperwork and receipts decorating every available surface? And when's the last time you actually cleaned your work space?

More work may be the last thing an indie business owner feels like doing right after the holiday crunch, but taking some time to organize your work space can help you start the new year out on the right foot. Not sure where to begin? Visit our resource article, Holiday Recovery for Your Indie Business: Organize Your Work Space, for some expert tips on taking control of post-holiday chaos.

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