Selling at Craft Shows: Choosing the Right Craft Fair For You

Renegade Craft Fair

Are you selling at craft shows this year? You've probably noticed that application season is in full swing. If your city's anything like mine (Chicago), new applications for fairs are popping up every day, and there are almost too many shows to choose from. But your money and time can only go so far. With so many choices, how can you tell which shows deserve your time and effort, and will give you a good return on your investment?

Check out IndieMade's resource article, Selling at Craft Shows: How to Choose the Right Fair for You and Your Products, for tips on how to tell the difference between a great craft show and a dud, before you plunk down that hard-earned booth fee. Location, advertising, timing, and even your own mood can all play a part. We've also given you some pointers on locating off-the-beaten-path vending opportunities that you might not ever have considered.

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