Shipping Profiles and a Combined Shipping Model

Today we are announcing two new features that IndieMade customers have been clamoring for: shipping profiles, and an easier-to-understand combined shipping model.

If you sell different types of products in your IndieMade store, you know that some kinds of products are cheaper to ship than others. You can now set up as many different shipping profiles as you need: maybe one for your especially large products, one for your normal products, and a third for your small, light, and flat products. You can configure each profile with prices for every country you want to ship to.

Three shipping profiles

Just set up your shipping profiles, put each product in the right shipping profile, and you're done. Your IndieMade shopping cart will automatically calculate the right shipping charges based on the items in the cart and where they're being shipped.

Also based on customer feedback, we've changed the way you specify the shipping charges themselves. All you need to do is specify how much a single item costs to ship -- and if you want to offer a discount for multiple products, how much each additional product after the first one costs. Obviously the price can be different in each profile, and for each country in that profile.

You can read about the new shipping system in the IndieMade handbook. 

(One important point: if you've already got an IndieMade store, you're still using the old shipping model. But you can migrate to the new model automatically. It only takes a few minutes, so we encourage all our customers to migrate as soon as they can.)

We're excited about the new shipping features. But as always we are eager for your feedback. Leave a comment below, or send us feedback if you want to get in touch with us privately.

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Is there a way to assign different shipping profiles to different attributes.

For example, I am offering different sized art prints; is there a way of assigning a higher shipping value if the larger size is selected?

Axel McCarthy

Scott, there's no way to associate a different shipping profile for a particular selection of options and attributes. Sorry.

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