Improve Presentation of Category Header content

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Improve Presentation of Category Header content

For a list of product categories where sub categories are collected under header (main category header), the presentation when clicking on the main header is not visually compelling. See the view in the link below.

Suggested Improvement: 

Show the aggregage of all items in the given main category (e.g., all of the items from all sub-categories)

For example, in teh Main Category in my screen cap, "Ceramic Beads", there are two sub-categories, "Beads & Components" and "Pendants & Focals". When the customer clicks on the main category header, show all products from both sub-categories. (in normal shop presentation mode). If customer clicks on sub-category label "Beads & Components", show only products in that sub-category; likewise, when customer clicks on "Pendants & Focals", show only those products.

The aggregate view might need to be studied (with customers) - not sure if it might present some confusion or not. My guess is it would be okay and preferable to the current presentation that only shows the two sub-category labels.

- Karen



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