Notification of Blog Comments?

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Notification of Blog Comments?

Would love to be able to receive a notification when I received comments on my blogs?  Would this be possible in the near future?

Thank you for your consideration.


Artful Accents

Comment notification

Agreed that this would be a very helpful feature. I didn't realize this was the case, so haven't been looking at the comments section in my blog section and just figured I hadn't received any comments. Thank you for considering this request. 

Axel McCarthy

Comment notification feature in Beta

We've just rolled out a simple comment notification system, in Beta. If you'd like to give this feature a try before it makes it out into the general population, just open a support ticket with the request and we'll turn it on for you.

Axel McCarthy

This feature is now live for everyone

Just to close out this thread -- we turned blog comment notifications for the entire IndieMade network in June.

Thanks for the feature request, Lisa! This turned out to be quite popular. :-)

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