Persistent SOLD Orders listing (archive sold orders)

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Persistent SOLD Orders listing (archive sold orders)

I thought I had posted this before but it appears not...I'm copying over comment from the IndieMade Users Group on Facebook: 


From one of our members (Kylie Parry): 

"Adding to an older post from this page...lets all beg them for a way to easily catalog (and search) our sold listings! Any new systems for doing this since the last post about this in 2014? Right now I delete them in indiemade (due to quantity) and store the "sold" notices in a gmail folder- NOT ideal. Photos just get stored on my computer. It is a hot mess. When on etsy, I constantly referenced sold listings for photos, pricing info, descriptions, etc..."


I want to add my own voice to this (again): it is incredibly cumbersome to not be able to refer to sold orders (perhaps archived somewhere on our site). My biggest pet peeve at the moment. 

I wanted to post this here to see if there is any status on this request? And yes I did post it under Feature Requests on the IndieMade site. ANY hints as to whether this is in the works (or not)?????

I will just add... for those of us who make unique jewelry supplies (each one is unique), these really need to be tracked in history somehow. They soon add up to hundreds of unique items that can become a nightmare to try to keep track of, not only the items themselves, but who bought them, etc. (via orders). When we have to delete them to make room for more (new) items, we lose this record, not only in our product inventory tracking, but in the orders themselves - the thumbnails of the purchased items disappear upon the item deletion! Gah! Drives me up the wall. So I have started saving pdfs of each order. This is causing a lot of management craziness.... my 2 cents.

Additional detail from Staci Smith

Staci: "Another artist brought this up today and it is something I would also REALLY love to see happen. If somehow, when we sell out of an item, it goes to a new list, or the bottom of the list or something. It would make listing and life so much easier. or if we could have a group selection where you check boxes next to your listings and can move them or alter them in batches- then have "add to sold items" as an option."

Axel McCarthy

We're listening

Hi Karen, thanks for the excellent feature request. Rest assured that while we obviously can't promise to implement every requested feature, we do promise to seriously consider all of them.

The dev team is currently working on a number of features -- some of them requested, some of them internally generated, and some of them that won't be noticed by our customers but that are absolutely required for the continued quality of service as we continue to grow. So while these requests are not on the short list as I write this, we are definitely discussing them.

Janet Crowley

old orders

I'm new here..not having an effective way to organize my sold orders is going to be a real chalange.  Most of my leads are one-of-a-kind and custom made for an individual customer.   It's very important for me to be able to easily find these when a regular customer request "another  like the one you made me last year".  

Since Indiemade is geared toward artists and craftspeople who specialize in unique items, I'd think this would be an important feature that would be very much in demand.  So please add my name onto the list of people who'd love to see this option here asap. 


Axel McCarthy

Got it!

Thanks for speaking up and letting us know this is important to you too.

(But just a reminder -- details about your orders are kept forever in your order database. It's just the picture that goes away if you delete the product itself. Of course, if the picure is what you need to remember what you made last year, then the order database isn't going to help! :-( )

Janet Crowley

Old orders

Do the SKU#'s and admin comments still remain if I delete the item?  I'm using my picture file # as the catalog #/SKU.  If comments and SKU's remain then I should be able to backtract fairly easily.

Thanks so much


Axel McCarthy

Yes, all that stuff remains

Yes, Janet -- all that stuff remains. You still get the SKUs, the address, the customer and admin comments, the payment log, and all that stuff in the database, forever. It's just -- for now at least -- the image of the product that was purchased that isn't kept when you delete the product.

Preserve image in data for deleted sold orders

I think that it is critically important to somehow preserve the image of sold items that are deleted. As janet put it: "Since Indiemade is geared toward artists and craftspeople who specialize in unique items, I'd think this would be an important feature that would be very much in demand."... Bingo!

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