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Amy Sims

Product Search

Please add a way to search products, or a way to edit a product from the live site when you are logged in. Thank you!

Axel McCarthy

Good idea but you can use browser search in the interim

Amy, I think you mean searching for products within your dashboard, right? These are good suggestions.

I agree that if you have lots of products it can be a drag to visually search for the one you want, by scrolling and reading. Have you tried your browser's "search within page" capability? For example in Chrome and Firefox you can just type CTRL-F and then start typing the name of the product you want. Your browser will start highlighting the text that matches, and you can use the forward and backward arrows to move from product to product. That can save lots of time. :-)

Majyk Stella

Listing Page

I agree with Amy, It would be nice to look at a page in our store that is live, and click on an edit button like you can do at Etsy.  It would also be nice to be able to seperate by categories. I would like to look at all my earrings or all my beads, etc.

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