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Claudia Tuliszewski

credit card processor more options

Hi, I wonder if you could ad another credi card processor. I am not so happy with 2checkout, as they hold back a certain percentage per sale and if I refund to customer I can not partially refund as I usually do not refund shipping cost. I would love it if you can ad STRIPE as another credit card processor option. With STRIPE it is possible to make partial refunds ( same as with PayPal)



Adrienne M Szatkowski

Please Add Stripe

as well as PayPal. Stripe is pretty much the same but does not show their name STRIPE like PP does. This is an affardable way to avoid the look of buying into a major bank gateway. They are both reasonable and customers will have these as options without the need for anyhting else. Some people love ot hate PayPal; Stripe removes the objections.


Hi Adrienne,

Hi Adrienne,

We offer direct check-out using Stripe.

If you have not already done so, please sign up for a Stripe account ( and let us know when completed ):

Send us a message when you've signed up for a Stripe account:

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