Editing an Invoice

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Donna Wolf

Editing an Invoice

Hi! I have a few questions about what happens when we edit a paid invoice.

If I remove the shipping charge from an invoice that has been paid through PayPal, will it generate a refund on PayPal?

What happens if I apply a coupon code to the invoice after it has been paid thru PayPal? Will it create a refund on PayPal?

On the other hand - if I refund the shipping through PayPal, will my invoice reflect the change automatically?

I see that we can also add line items to an invoice - will that action create a request for an additional payment from the customer?

Thanks in advance,


Axel McCarthy

Great Questions!

Donna, these are great questions! I'm glad you asked them, because I bet other folks are interested too.

As you've figured out, when PayPal receives payment, it sends a special message to your IndieMade site that the funds have been collected, and the order is put into the payment received state. The balance on the order is shown as zero -- the customer doesn't owe anything more -- and you can ship the goods. When you're done, you normally put the order into completed state.

If you remove cost from the order, though, the difference is not automatically handled by PayPal. So you need to do two things:

  1. Apply a negative line item for the amount you're refunding (for example, -3.00 to represent a $3 off coupon)
  2. Refund the customer $3 from the order over at PayPal

Once you do the refund at PayPal, it will send another message to your site about the payment, so the balance should go back to zero. (A zero balance, of course, means that you have received from the customer exactly what is expected and nobody owes anyone anything.)

You don't have to do #1 and #2 in that order, by the way. If you refund the customer at PayPal first, that's fine -- it will show a non-zero balance until you add a line item that gets it back to zero.

One final note: if you just use the "Send Money" feature over at PayPal, that payment won't be associated with the specific order in your IndieMade site -- if you're not refunding a specific order, then PayPal doesn't know it's associated with a particular order at IndieMade.

Hope this helps clarify!


Hi Adrienne, there is not an

Hi Adrienne, there is not an integration with PayPal Invoice, so it would have to be done manually:

(1) On the Store > Payments page, you would remove the option to pay via PayPal.

(2) Customers would select the check / money order option on checkout.

(3) When you receive an order notification, you would sign in to PayPal to send an invoice.

(4) Once payment is received, you would manually update the order status.

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