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Ann Tudor


I have started to use mailchimp for a newsletter.  How do I embed the code into my site so that people can sign up for my newsletter?



Axel McCarthy

Instructions for Embedding MailChimp Mailing List Forms

Here's a short tutorial with screenshots that will show you how to embed a MailChimp signup form into your IndieMade site.

You'll need a MailChimp account to manage your mailing list, of course, so sign up for one. Then create a new mailing list by following their instructions. For this tutorial we'll call ours Example Mailing List. From MailChimp, click on Signup forms.

List of Mailing Lists

Select the Embedded form option.

Selecting a form type

You'll have a number of different options for how you want your form to look. Make your selections, then select the text in the box Copy/paste into your site. Copy that code with CTRL-C.

The MailChimp form editor

Now, log into your IndieMade site and navigate to your pages at content > pages. Click on Add a New Page.

Add a New Page

Give your new page a title, and then click on the Source button in the upper left hand corner of the editor. Paste the code you got from MailChimp into the rich text editor. (Notice in the screenshot that the Source button is pushed in, and the other editing buttons are disabled.)

Using the Rich Text Editor to Paste a MailChimp Form

That's it. When visitors see your site they'll be shown the following:

Newsletter Signup Form

Hope this helps!


Ann Tudor


Thank you so much!


Genea Crivello-Knable

Add Mail Chimp to an existing page

 I had to fudge it a little to make it work. I created a separate page like they told you, but I didn't want a whole page for my mailing list. So I went back to the new mailchimp page I created, clicked "source" and copied the mailchimp code from the new page. I then went back to my welcome page and clicked "source". I scrolled to the bottom of my text I already had there with my announcements and pasted the mailchimp code at the bottom. VOILA! You can now see my regular "announcement" at the top with the newsletter sign up at the bottom. Look at those mad page building skills! *dusts shoulders off*

xo Genea

Ann Tudor

Thank you Genea!  I am going

Thank you Genea!  I am going to try that also! It is amazing what I have stumbled upon in my website building!  SO many I have no idea how I did it but it works!  lol!  Thank you again!


Jennifer Edgerton

This is the info I needed. 

This is the info I needed.  Thanks!

Genea Crivello-Knable

You're Welcome!

You're welcome! I sure have been stumbling around trying to figure everything out in my new venue on Indiemade. I get really excited when I figure stuff out or fudge things to work!  Hey whatever works as long as you get to where you are going, right? ;) You're welcome! Glad to help! xo Genea

Robyn Cove

Neither of these are working

Neither of these are working for me. when i paste the code in it just looks like all the other pages; what i mean is the edititing buttons are not disabled, the source button is not enabled. So how else to i add a newsletter subsciber button to my site? I also dont want a seperate page b ut a little sign up box at the base of every page. What can i try now?

Axel McCarthy

Be sure to click SOURCE first

Robyn, just be sure to click "Source" in the upper-left hand corner first. That will disable all the other editing buttons and let you paste the code directly in there.

If you want a custom block that appears on all pages, you'll need to open a support ticket and ask us to do it on your behalf. (In customer care we have some more powerful but harder-to-use options for modifying your site. We are happy to help do custom work like this on a best-efforts basis.)

Hope this helps!

Lisa Boland

Thank you!

Your instructions worked perfectly so thanks very much! IndieMade's support is the BEST. I did open a support ticket to request the sign-up on every page of my site but at least I've got a start on my newsletter list...FINALLY!

Nicole van Gremberghe

Thanks!! This worked like a

Thanks!! This worked like a charm ;)

Erin Bullock


Thank you - worked like a champ. Appreciate your help!

Annukka Puotiniemi

Is there a way to embed a

Is there a way to embed a code for newsletter sign-up that isn't via MailChimp? I would prefer to use my Outlook 365, is there a way to do this?

Jessica Horvath

Embedding News Sign Up Code

Hi Annukka

Thanks for your comment :) If your third party e-news service has a sign up form with embeddable code you can embed directly on a page or send to for assistance. You don't have to use MailChimp.

Please let us know if you have any other questions by sending us an email to

Take care,


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