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Dena K Tyson

New to Indiemade

Hello everyone

I'm new here and really trying to navigate the shop and just everything.  While I have my shop loaded/transfered from Etsy, I'm not having the easiest time navagating on IndieMade.  :(  Even with this forum there's no way to just go back to the discussions unless I go all the way out because I have to click on the IndieMade name at the top of the screen.  At which point I have to start all over.  I have so many questions and hope everyone who has time can dive in and help.  I want to say thanks in advance for any information you would be willing to share-I appreciate all.


How do you know when you have sales?  I don't see an alert option- I'd sure like to be able to hear that old 'cha-ching

How do you set up expedieted shipping?

How can I set up shop for "US" sales only.  I will sell to other countries later but not right now.

How long does it take to show up in the search engine? Google or otherwise.

How can anyone find my shop here on IndieMade?

How can I copy/transfer all of my reviews from my Etsy shop over here?

Are "pounds" in the shipping visible to the buyer?

Having trouble uploading my pic in the "about me" section.  I can only see it while editing - not on the actual website page

How can you preview the actual shop to see how the different color options look to even know if you will like them?

How can you break down the catagories/ sections of the shop?  Mine all seem to run together when you look a the store. I believe this hapened when the file was copied over from ETsy but how can they then be sectioned/ separated properly?

Can you customize the shop "completely" or are you limited to the templates IndieMade provides?

Lastly (for now) I think my shop looks a mess --- :( Not sure how to expand my logo and do all of the above.  I've actually been working on this since 2am central time - its now 2:30pm. 

Many thanks everyone!

Dena ( shop name: GermFreak Designer Face Masks by Dena Tyson




Hi Dena, we've responded to

Hi Dena, we've responded to your support ticket for the above questions.

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