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Jules Paull

Logo shape

Please can a template be produced that fits for a square logo?

I was advised by your team to just make min a long vertical one but I dont think I should have to change my whole logo because there is no template. There are lots of big companies with square logos so I am disapointed this isnt something provided for

Axel McCarthy

You can certainly use a square logo

You certainly don't have to create a special version of your logo if you don't want to.

Each theme automatically resizes the logo that you upload so that it fits in with the space available in the design. It's never squished -- the aspect ratio is the same, in other words -- but it might be shrunken or expanded automatically. For example if you upload a square logo for the underscore theme it will center it in the middle of the window:



If you want more control over where your square logo is displayed, you can create a version of your logo that is off-center or what have you. Just make the canvas size the optimal size for the theme you've chosen. (The optimal size for the theme is shown right under the upload logo form.) So for example Underscore's optimal size is 960px wide and 480px high; you can create a canvas of that size, place your logo where you like, and then upload that as your banner.

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