Adding and Editing Pages

This section explains how to add, edit, delete, and reorder pages in your IndieMade website.

In your dashboard, go to the content tab and choose pages.

pages main

Shown here is a list of the current pages on your site. (Although every piece of content added to your site -- a blog post, or a product, or a news item, or whatever -- gets its own HTML page, the items you see in the pages section are the pages that can appear by themselves in navigation.)  System-generated pages, like for your store or your galleries, appear in the list as well.

You can change the order in which the page links appear by dragging and dropping with the cross icon in the left-most column. You can also drag from one region to another -- for example, to move a page link from primary navigation to the footer, so it appears at the bottom of your site. If you don't want the page to appear in navigation at all, drag it down to the Do Not Display in Navigation region 

To temporarily hide a page from the public, just click on the visible button all the way to the right. Click again to make it visible again.

Under each existing page are links to view the page on your site, edit the page to make changes, or even to delete the page.

If you still have room in your tier for new pages, a link reading Add a New Page appears at the top.

Editing a Page

Enter your new page’s title in the box labeled title. Your page content should go into the box with the rich text editor.

Choose the navigation area in which you'd like your page to appear: the Primary Navigation is usually on the top, but sometimes on the side, depending on your theme; but footer is always at the very bottom. You can also elect for it not to appear in navigation at all (you might want this for confirmation pages for email signups or what have you).

add page

Search Engine Optimization Settings for Pages

All the way at the bottom, there's a tab reading Search Engine Optimization. Your IndieMade site will automatically create a <page> title, meta keywords, and a meta description for your page -- but if you want to override these with specific entries for SEO purposes you can do so here.

seo for page

Click on Save to submit your edits. You can click cancel to throw away the changes you've made.


Jennifer Hawkins

I have many items to sell and for each page i may have several categories within that. Eg: necklaces, dressy, glass, polymer etc. So a main page and then up to 7 within that. I have worked out I will be using all 18 pages, but would prefer drop down menus rather than all serparate pages.
Jennifer :)

Axel McCarthy

Jennifer, you don't need to worry -- all your products, events, blog posts, news items, and so forth get their own pages on your site, with their own navigation, built automatically for you. As you add, edit, or remove those items, the navigation elements update automatically.

The "page" talked about here is just a static page, more like "about us" or "how we make our art" and the like.

Jennifer Hawkins

Hi, i worked out what I needed. in the shop I can have all my sections there, rather than separate pages. thanks.

Lucia Royo

Hi ,

I cannot fine the system generated pages (Store, blog,....)...Can anybody helpe me?
Than you.


Axel McCarthy

The system-generated pages are built automatically for you by the system. They will only appear if you have that content. For example, you won't see a "blog" page until you have at least one public blog posting. Your store link won't appear until you have at least one product on the shelves. And so on. As you add content, the site automatically keeps your pages and navigation in sync.

Lucia Royo

ok, thanks for your quite reply....
Another question: Can i remove the navigation bar from one page ?.....I want to design my own(only the main page) using pictures and links.

Thank you again


Axel McCarthy

The navigation can't be removed from the site. It appears automatically on every page. (By the way you can get faster personalized support by emailing us at!)

Axel McCarthy

As of last night's release, you can now drag pages down to the "Do not display in navigation" section, and they'll be effectively hidden.

The pages are still visible to the public, though -- it's just that there's no link for it on the page. To make a page inaccessible, you need to click on the little checkbox to hide it.

Nancy Almand

Can i add an image to the about us page?

Axel McCarthy

You can. Position your cursor where you want the image to go, then click on the little picture icon button. Use the "Upload" tab to select a picture and send it to your server. Then you can adjust placement, caption, and so on before putting it in your page.

Be sure to take a look at this handbook page on photo sizing first -- images that you upload to pages using the editor aren't automatically shrunk down for you by the IndieMade system, so if you use really huge images you might slow your site down.

Nancy Almand

Can it say about us in the navigation, but not in the actual body of the about us page?

Axel McCarthy

Sorry -- the page title can be changed but you can't select different text for display in the navigation. You can change the HTML page title for SEO purposes, however; that's in the Search Engine Optimziation tab at the bottom of your editor.

Nancy Almand

now i can't get into the gallery page as it says system generated and i can't delete it either. it is just partially complete. what can I do about this?

Nancy Almand

i have to go in through galleries rather than the add and edit page.

Axel McCarthy

You got it. I think we need to make that clearer somehow... maybe an edit link directly there. We'll see what we can do to improve.

I go into pages, select edit on a page but there is nothing there. this is happening with all pages. I have read your instructions but something is wrong. it doesn't make any sense! please advise. thanks

Axel McCarthy

Oh dear! Sorry to hear that. Service-wide things are working fine, though, Kate -- I've opened a support ticket for you so we can figure out what's going on for you.

Casey Carroll

I can't put text on any of my pages either. I can add a title, but the body text box doesn't show up.


I am not able to add text to pages. The body box isn't showing up.

Axel McCarthy

Sorry to hear that! We've had some reports of the rich text editor appearing as gray when using Windows 8 and IE 10. Other combinations are working fine -- so if you have trouble, use Firefox or Chrome until we get that editor upgraded. (Soon!)

Axel McCarthy

Just so as not to leave anyone hanging: in March we upgraded the rich text editor so it works with Windows 8 perfectly. Thanks for your patience.

Jennifer Edgerton

Please consider moving the text placement on the Gallery page to appear at the top, before all of the photos. Anyone who will upload many photos in a gallery will have text way at the bottom where viewers may never see it. Also, if you want to describe a large gallery, no one will know the description is at the end of the photos.

Thanks, Jen

Denise Price

Most of the items in my store are the same or similar with just changes to length or color. Is there anyway I can copy an item page and just makes changes or edits instead of having the recreate the wheel each time? Thanks, denise

Axel McCarthy

Denise, have you considered using attributes and options?

Instead of having three different products for the same leash, where one is a plain collar, one an embroidered collar, and one a collar with a ribbon -- why not have a single product, and let the customer select the collar type? You could give each option the appropriate price differential, and your customer could select either with radio buttons or a pulldown box, as you see fit.

You can read about that feature here:

Martin Kennedy

Three pages on my website have the same problem, the copy or text that I added is gone. No idea how or why this happened. Any ideas?

Axel McCarthy

Hey Martin, I see how you've already opened a ticket by emailing to We'll help you over there.

Gloria Flynn

When I exported my Etsy shop, I suddenly got a ton of shop sections that were based on my Etsy tags. How do I edit those? I've searched and searched for info but couldn't find anything that allows me to edit "Sections".

Axel McCarthy

Gloria, those are product categories. Check out our handbook page on how to edit your product categories for details. (By the way you can always email support at for personalized service!)

Karen Totten

I would like to redirect one of my pages to my external blog. How do I do that?

Ellen Golden

I placed images into the page content area but they are showing up larger when I view the site than they are in my design or in the dashboard design area. So to recap: they look right in the dashboard design area and in my original psd file but are too big when I click view and see the site preview. 

Axel McCarthy

Ellen, I've not heard of this problem before. Maybe sizing your images explicitly before uploading them would work...? (Making them as small as you need them is smart anyway; that keeps your site loading up fast.) 

If you're still not having luck then probably worth opening a support ticket where you can specify the page where the image is, and how big you want it to be. We can take a closer look there.

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