Adding Events to Your Calendar

Decide what should go on your calendar. Think about store hours, sales events, art shows and fairs, performances.

To add an event to your calendar, go to content and click on events.

main events calendar page

Click + Add a New Event and the Create Event box will appear. Enter your event’s name in the Title box and any tags in the Tags box. Don’t forget to include the event date and time, then type some information about your event into the Body box.

Click the “Save” button at the bottom. The event will be published to your calendar.

create new event





I've added several events to my calendar with tags. They look great on the calendar, but when I click on the tag hyperlinks to the left of the calendar the events list in reverse. So, an October event is at the top of the list and a June date is at the bottom.

I'm wondering if there's a way to change the order in which events appear in this list?


Jennifer Edgerton

How can I make my event show as all day and not show a time in the calendar box? I would rather put my details in the body of the description. Thank you.



Is there any way to insert a calendar page on the events page, so I could insert the events on the correct day.

Thank you,


Is there a way to duplicate a calendar event on consecutive days?  Example:  I have a class every Wednesday.  Is there a way to duplicate it without manually re-inputting all of the information?

Thank you, 


Jessica Horvath

Hi Marisa

Thanks for posting your question to the user guide. I'm afraid the calendar does not support recurring entries at this time.

Take care!


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