Creating Galleries

This short five minute video shows you how to create galleries and upload images to them. Further explanation of the feature is below


To add an image gallery to your site, navigate to content > galleries.

main galleries page


Click + Add a New Gallery; the Create Gallery box will appear. 

Create a Gallery


Enter your gallery’s name in the Title box and any tags in the Tags box. If you’d like to add any extra information about your gallery, type it into the Description box. But don't add your gallery images to the description; you'll do that later. 

Click the “Save” button at the bottom, and you'll see your new gallery shown in the galleries list:

New Gallery


You're ready to populate your new gallery with images. Click Upload Images under your new gallery and the page Upload Images will appear. Use the Choose File buttons to browse your computer and select images for your gallery (you can upload up to five images at a time). Click the Submit Images button to upload the images to your gallery.

upload gallery images

After the images have uploaded, you will be able to rename or caption them, as well as click and drag to arrange them in a different order. You can also delete an image by checking the box on the far left under the “Delete” column. To choose a cover image, just select the radio button next to the image in the left.

Click the “Save” button to affect your changes.


If you would like a gallery image to have the ability to redirect the page, simply paste the desired URL into the URL box beside the photo (as shown above). This is often used to direct users to the product page on your IndieMade site of the given image, however you may redirect it to any desired page.

Your IndieMade site will take care of the rest, including building thumbnails, generating navigation, and so on.




Claudia Winter

Is their a way to change the size or orientation of the images on our site, specifically in the gallery area? It seems that the thumbnails in all the design themes are horizontal. My images are primarily vertical so the thumbnail chops the picture off in odd places. Even if I could choose which section of the image to put in the thumbnail it would be better.

Karen Castillo

I am still in the design phase of my site, but very happy with how it is turning out. My site will feature both galleries of my original photographs and a store with my original greeting cards, etc.

This is not my first website, but each is a little different so I had to experiment a bit to arrive at a solution to the same type of problem you seem to be having. I have found that when designing my IndieMade site, it worked well to create a template to be used with all of my images - vertical and horizontal to give me consistency of style. I use PhotoShop for this, but any program that would allow you to create a consistent shape to which you could layer the image and save it as a jpeg would work.

The background of my site is black, so each template square has a black background to which I layer the image then save it as a jpeg. The template square is sized at 570 px x 570 px with a resolution of 100. If the background of your website is white or any other color, you would simply use that color as the background of your square.

For vertical images, the photograph is placed at the top of the square and has a narrow "border" on each side in addition to a small "border" at the bottom. In the case of my site, these "borders" are black since I need to have them disappear into the background of my site. Horizontal images have no border at the sides as the image extends the entire width of the square, but a larger border at the bottom.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Axel McCarthy

You can change the aspect ratio, orientation, and crop style for the thumbnails that your site generates. Read about how to control your site's thumbnails in the handbook.



Can i created galleries insede a would be easier to organize the info.

Thank you,


Is there a way to simply copy images into the galleries from the photos I have already imported to my site?  I tranferred my pics over from my Etsy site, and it would be much easier if I could simply pick and choose from the images I have already put on the site and drop them into various galleries rather than to go back to the original photo files.


Trace Dixon

Axel McCarthy

Trace, unfortunately there's no way to just identify an existing image when adding images to your gallery. You have to upload them.

When you're adding an image to a blog post or a page, though, you can browse your site for images you already uploaded. It's a good idea to allow this for galleries, too, though; I am going to make sure the product team knows about this suggestion. 


Linda Letta

Has this feature been added since 2014?  If so how?  Thanks.

Leon Miller

Is there a way to insert a gallery into a page? Let's say for my home page I want to insert a gallery  where viewers can scroll but I would still like room to add a video and copy with the gallery to take up the entire page is there a way to do that?

Axel McCarthy

Leon, I think you're asking for something like Cincopa's image scroller. We have a forum post on how to embed Cincopa if that's what you mean. There are lots of other options for you, too, that you can embed in a similar way.

Does that help?

Doreen Nagle Art

I am soooo frustrated with how fuzzy many of my thumbnails are. When clicked on, most seem clear, but the thumbnail is fuzzy and I am uploading them all the same (465 x 465 pixels x 72 dpi). 

Not happy. 

Axel McCarthy

Oh dear. We don't want you to be unhappy.

Doreen, we automatically compress the thumbnails we generate from uploaded images so your site loads as quickly as possible. I personally don't notice any fuzziness in your gallery thumbnails -- but if you aren't satisfied with the way the thumbs look, we can adjust the compression for your site so that the images have higher fidelity. Please open a support ticket and ask for your compression to be adjusted.


Nicole van Gremberghe

Hi, is it possible to automaticaly transfer a sold item to a gallery (which I named "sold"), when the item is sold?

Jessica Horvath

Hi Nicole

Thanks for your question! I'm afraid that the gallery automation you're describing is not available.

Take care,


Becky Kraynek

Is there a way to connect the galleries to Instagram so that it automatically adds the pics that I post on IG?

Karen Warnes

I would like to have galleries on different pages. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

Bruce Mount

Somewhat like Leon's question above - I would like to create a page of New Arrivals in our shop that is just a gallery of images that I could link to the store page. This would not be a slide show. Nor would I like to have to open the gallery once I opened the page - rather the page is the gallery.

IndieMade Support

You could create a content page and upload photos with links to the store page.

If this is a gallery or listings of products we could consider adding a checkbox on the edit product screen called 'New Arrival' or 'New' products tagged would show on it's own page. If I understand what you are asking for.

If not open a ticket and provide more details this seems like a feature that would be helpful to many customers.


Mara Fox

There is no URL line under the Manage Images to redirect someone if they click on an image. How do I add this feature?

IndieMade Support

That should be fixed for you today. If anyone else notices a missing URL field simply open a support ticket and we can fix asap!

Rupali H

Hello team,

  There is no URL line under the Manage Images to redirect someone if they click on an image. Could you please help?



Hi Rupali, a support ticket has been created for the reported issue. You should receive an email update when the url field has been added.

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