Themes Tab

Use the Themes tab to set the theme used for your site. View the available themes by selecting Design > Themes on your Dashboard. 
theme page
This page lists the available pre-configured themes. 
Each theme is listed along with screenshots showing how your site with look using the associated theme. 
To use a theme, click the Use Theme button and then Set Theme
theme page
set theme
The Themes tab will be updated to show which theme has been activated: 
theme activation alert
Customize each theme using the Basics tab on the Design page (Design > Basics). If you are using the Edifice theme, an extra tiled background may be selected for your sites. See the Basics Tab help page for more information. 
Note: Your data is never lost. Changing the theme of your site only changes the look and design  of your site. All of the content, settings, colors, and fonts selected or added will remain the same. 
Additionally, any previous themes will also remember the settings, colors, and fonts previously selected. 


Rachael Rose Zoller

How do we get back to the original "theme" that is provided upon sign up?  I went to check out the "themes" page and tried them but I would like to be able to get the original one back... can't seem to find it. Thanks. 

Axel McCarthy

Rachael, you start out with the Underscore theme, so you can switch back to that. If you've made changes to colors or fonts or whatever, there's a link to reset to defaults.

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