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On IndieMade payment information has always been secure through PayPal or 2Checkout payment processing services. As IndieMade adds more payment processors through direct checkout an SSL secured certificate is required. We also understand the importance of your customers perceptions that if they do not see the secured icon in your browser they may be warry of checking out. You also get a slight ranking boost from Google as a way to encourage you to install an SSL Certificate. We are now happy to announce that we offer SSL Certificates for custom domains and your IndieMade URL free of charge! So let's get started.

Installing an SSL Certificate on your custom domain.

  1. In your dashboard click on Store > Secure Certificate (SSL) 
  2. Click 'Please install an SSL certificate on my custom domain.

Note: Secure certificates are automatically installed in the mornings Pacific Time so check back in the afteroon or the next day to see if your certificate was installed. To test your certificate your domain making sure you add https as the protocol example:  If everything went swimmingly you should see the lock icon in your browsers location bar. You can now continue configuring your new certificate.


Configuring your SSL Certificate

Check your site for Mixed Content

Once Installed you will need to make sure you do not have mixed content. Mixed content are resources linked in from other insecure sites... this includes images, javascripts, iframes etc. You can tell if you have mixed content on a page as the padlock icon will be replaced with an info icon or you may also get a warning from the browers. Also if you have mixed content Google will not index your site as secure. You can visit each page making sure that each one is secure (green padlock) or you could also this cool tool which tells you which pages and exactly what content is not secured. 

Fixing Mixed Content

For the most part it is usually a matter of changing the insecure content by adding an "S" to the http of the offending URL ie you will find that most sites do have a secure URL. This can be a daunting task so if you need help simply open a support ticket and we will be happy to assist.

Enabling SSL on your site.

Once your certificate has been installed and you have checked your site for mixed content you can now force all your visitors to use your new SSL certificate. This will redirect any unsecure urls to your secured url. 

  1. Go to Dashboard > Store > Secure Certificate
  2. Click Enable SSL on your domain.
  3. Click on Save SSL Settings.

If successful you should not be able to visit your insecure domain. You can always uncheck this if you find mixed content errors later.

Redirecting your IndieMade URL.

If you have a custom domain your really don't need your IndieMade URL but it still exists if there is a problem with your custom domain. You can redirect all traffic from your IndieMade domain to your secure domain.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Store > Secure Certificate
  2. Click 'Please redirect all traffic from...' 
  3. Click on Save SSL Settings

Note: You will still be able to login and use the admin pages through your IndieMade URL if needed.


Enabling SSL on your IndieMade URL.

If you do not have a custom domain you can still enable SSL on your IndieMade domain. This setting will redirect all traffic to your secured IndieMade URL (ie

To enable your SSL on your IndieMade URL

  1. Go to Dashboard > Store > Secure Certificate
  2. Click 'Please enable SSL on my IndieMade URL' 
  3. Click on Save SSL Settings

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google WebMaster Tools)

Even though Google should quickly start indexing your SSL pages automatically if you use Google Search Console it is a good practice to add your secure site as a new property. 

Direct Checkout using Stripe

If you would like to use direct checkout we are currently offering Stripe on a per request basis. You are required to already have a Stripe account activated for purchasing. Direct Checkout will allow your customers to securely enter their credit card information on your site without having to go through a third party checkout system (PayPal or 2Checkout).

Good luck with your new SSL! We hope that it boosts your customer confidence and increases Google ranking (slightly). 






Jo Perez



I just requested my SSL.  I see that there are several pages that show insecure content but I cannot tell just what this is.  Help please.  What do I need to change?  Thanks for the help.


Hi Jo, when you use the below tool to check for unsecure content:

The search results will show the following pages:

Pages with unsecure content: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

These pages have images that are linked to other websites. When adding images, you will want to upload them to IndieMade.

Search engines like Google will consider your site as unsecure if there are content from other websites.

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