Accept Payments with 2Checkout or by Check

Earlier this month we rolled out a much-requested feature: the ability to take credit cards and checks for payment, without having to go through PayPal. Available right now, all IndieMade stores have two more payment options to enable from their dashboards. 

Our credit card processing partner is 2Checkout. If you don't already have an account, sign up for one and then follow the instructions in the handbook page on enabling 2Checkout. That's it; your customers can now pay with their credit or debit cards directly. The user experience is pretty much the same as before: the customer selects what products she wants, checks out from your IndieMade store, and then is directed over to 2Checkout to complete the transaction.

2Checkout's responsive payment form

We're also offering a more old-school approach to payments: if you want to accept payments by check or money order, you can now do that. Orders are recorded in your database as soon as the customer checks out, but aren't finalized until the money actually arrives and you mark it as received.

Marking a check as received

This feature could also come in handy if you're making sales at a trunk show. You can accept the cash in person, but enter the order into your site using your tablet or phone. 

Details on the check or money order option are in our handbook page on accepting checks.

You can turn on these new payment options from your dashboard, at store > payments. If you enable more than one, your customer can choose how she wants to pay at checkout. And, for those of our customers who just hate PayPal -- and we know you're out there because you let us know you wanted alternatives -- you can stop working with them. Just disable them from your dashboard and you won't have to rely on them for your store revenue anymore.

We hope you enjoy these new features. As always your feedback is welcome.

(Photo by Sean MacEntee reused under Creative Commons 2.0 license.)