Summer Profits: How to Make Your Vacation Work For You

As a small business owner who has just learned how to go ahead and take a vacation from your business, there is nothing wrong with also including a little profitability during your time off (as long as you still get some down time too)! Depending on what your plans for vacationing include, you may be able to make a little or a lot of extra profit from your travels. Read on for some suggestions on how to turn that vacation into a money making venture:


Shopping for your business

If you include shopping for your business in your excursions on your next vacation, not only can you add in some profitability to your vacation, but you might actually be able to write off part of it as well (see your accountant before making any claims on that tax return though). Not only is there the benefit if knocking out some work while you vacation, but you may be able to pick up some interesting supplies for your work that you might not have had access to before. If you make jewelry, maybe you can get some unique handmade beads by a local artisan. Collage artists can collect items like seashells and local mementos.


Center your vacation around a convention or craft show

If you normally hit the convention center or craft show market in your own town, why not take your products on the road and find a new client base in another city, state or even country? There are craft fairs, festivals, and conventions in just about every metropolitan area, so if you are looking to get out and explore a new place this year, adding in a show or two while you travel can help you make some profit and pick up some new customers! If you sell your products wholesale you may also be able to set up meetings with store and boutique owners as you travel and get some exciting new venues for your work!


Visit local stores for inspiration

If you are not interested in turning your vacation directly into a business trip, that is totally understandable! However, you could visit some local stores and galleries to get inspired for new work when you get home! Finding exciting new ideas in a new place can be as easy as visiting clothing stores to see what colors and fashions are to be found in your vacation spot, or perhaps you will pick up on some new product ideas that you can add to your collection back home. Visit art galleries that feature local artists, or even go hear a local band play to kick your creative muscles into high gear when you get back home. 


Use the culture and surroundings to inspire you

Similar to visiting the local stores and boutiques, the culture where you choose to vacation can also have a great impact on your business. Check out the scenery, the colors, the people, and the vibe of the town you visit. Take pictures for inspiration or create a notebook with words and descriptions that inspire you during your journey. If you are a photographer or painter, you are probably already used to using your surroundings to really influence your art, but all creatives can use these types of techniques to find new ideas and inspirations. Whether you design jewelry, handbags, collage art or makeup, by visiting different cultures and being open to the newness of the experience, you can often find a new vision to take back home.


Above all, whether your vacation is half time off and half work, or whether you choose to use this time to just get inspired and spark some new ideas, do make sure you take time for yourself to recharge your batteries and get you motivated to take your business to the next level when you get home. It can be easy to get burned out if you don’t spend the time needed relaxing and rejuvenating yourself, so get out there, learn, be inspired, and have fun!

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