Handmade Jewelry Seller: How Selling Less Will Help You Sell More

Handmade jewelry is one of the most popular categories here on IndieMade. From fun and funky, to statement pieces with rare gems, there really is something for everyone on our platform. That’s great for buyers, but sellers without a distinct brand can get lost in a sea of beads. Why should buyers choose your store over any other? It’s all about narrowing your brand and in turn your audience.

IndieMade Inspiration: Diana of Star 9 Divine

Star 9 Cats Meow Soap
Buying commercially-made soap is cheap and easy but being stuck with a long list of unpronounceable ingredients is rough. Enter the handmade soap makers like Diana Gale. Her line of bars, butters and body washes are all-natural: no detergents, non-organic alcohols, phthalates, pormaldehydes, silicones or phosphates. Now here's Diana to talk more about life as handmade soap maker and seller.

Grow Your Handmade Business with Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups have been around for a long time, but it’s only been in the past few years that they’ve really taken off. There are small groups for just about every club, team and community on the planet and larger groups that cover everything from Astronomy to the X-Files. As a handmade seller, there are three good reasons to join multiple Facebook groups: to learn, to network and to sell. That last one is the one that can get you into the most trouble, so let’s take them in the least volatile order.

Increase Your Online Store Sales When You Incorporate These 2017 Spring Trends

Pantone Colors 2017
Spring is a time of change and renewal and it’s the perfect time to refresh the offerings in your online store. The best place to start is with the fashion and designs for 2017. Your customers have read about these trends on Elle, Vogue, and House Beautiful. They’ve send them on Instagram and Pinterest. They’ve actively looking to add these fresh touches to their home and wardrobe so why not give them what they’re asking for.

IndieMade Inspiration: Chrissie C of Music Jewellery Online

Music Jewellery Online

Like many entrepreneurs, Chrissie's business evolved out of her own interest in finding something that simply wasn't available. Frustrated by the lack of options, she decided to solve the problem for herself, and for others, by opening up her own online store. With Chrissie around, it's music, music, music but she still found time to stop and type out the answers to our burning questions.


How Do You Measure Success : Growing Your Handmade Business in 2017

Woman with Flowers
As soon as you make the decision to start selling your handmade goods online, it’s all about that first sale. It’s a huge thrill knowing someone wants what you made, and the money is nice, too. But sales are like potato chips – you can’t have just one, you need another and then another. And if you don’t get as many as you hoped in the time frame you imagined, it’s easy to get discouraged. In one week you go from feeling like a successful entrepreneur to feeling like a total failure. That’s one, tough roller coaster ride. Obviously, you want to sell what you make but to survive the long haul, you need to open yourself up to other measures of success.

Grow Your Handmade Business in 2017

Dream Business
There’s something about a fresh, new year that inspires us all to step up and dream big. If you already have an Indiemade store, then you’ve already accomplished the “step up” part. Now, it’s time for the “dream big”. Whether you’re looking for your first individual sale or your first wholesale purchase order, we’re here to help. To get you on the right road, we’ve gathered together this list of links to previously published content that can help you achieve your goals big or small.