3 Things Your Small Business Can Do That Big Businesses Can’t

Small world
There are three reasons why consumers like to shop at big, online businesses; selection, price and free shipping. As a small business owner it’s hard, if not impossible to compete in these areas. Your selection is always going to be limited and with your tight margins, you can’t afford to slash prices let alone offer free shipping. So how can you compete? By focusing on these three small things that big businesses can’t do.

Handmade Holidays: Silk Purses, Leather Cuffs, Handbags and More

Leather Cuff
A bar of soap from the drugstore is just a bar of soap, but when it's handmade and crafted by an artist, it's something wonderful! Surprise everyone on your holiday gift list with a handcrafted gift from an IndieMade artisan. Visit these exceptional merchants, then check out our other blog posts for even more holiday gift ideas and deals.

5 Tips for De-stressing During the Holidays

Gift Wrap Surprise
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and sometimes the most stressful for those running online based retail businesses. While some stress is unavoidable, it is important to find ways to de-stress in order to maintain your life and work balance as well as your sanity. Below are five easy ways to de-stress so you can enjoy the holidays without the extra headaches this year!

Black Friday 2014 Deals from IndieMade Stores

Black Friday Sale
Once the turkey is gone and the pies are down to the tins, it's time to indulge in the second biggest event of the weekend - Black Friday Shopping! You could hit all the usual stores for the mass market deals or you can shop right here at IndieMade for one-of-a-kind, handmade gifts. As a special bonus, some of our merchants are offering holiday promotions and discount deals but you have to place your order now. Not only do these deals expire soon but quantities are definitely limited.