Pitching Stories: Tips for Getting Media Attention for Your Art

Attention Seeker
When you're pitching stories to journalists, you don't have to have an outrageous concept or a shocking subject matter. Getting media attention from journalists is just a matter of giving them a reason to care about your artwork or latest exhibit. Elizabeth Burke-Dain shares some tips for getting media attention in her resource article.

A Craft Business Owner Test Drives Productivity Tips from Experts

Productivity tips can tame that messy paper pile most crafters probably have.
Productivity tips are great in theory, but how well do they really work for a craft business? In Part 1 and Part 2 of her series on productivity tips for crafters, Lisa Anderson Shaffer gathered ideas from expert organizers. Here, she takes their thoughts for a test drive in her own craft business. (Image: nuttakit /

Grow Your Indie Business with Productivity Tips from an Expert

Grow Your Indie Business with Productivity Tips from an Expert
Indie business owners have to keep lots of plates spinning at once, and staying productive and organized is essential to your success. Check out these productivity tips from artist and entrepreneur Willo O'Brien in Lisa Anderson Shaffer's resource article on staying productive — second in a three-part series on productivity tips.