Tweet About It!

The following is a guest post from yours truly!

Because I deal with social media on a regular basis, I’m often asked about Twitter.

Tweet Speech BubbleThe most common question: “What do you tweet about?” Well, your business, obviously, but you don’t want to be one of those annoying people who only tweet about the products they’ve posted. So what else do you tweet?

Spring Sensations

Spring is finally here, and I'm as excited as the birds twittering outside. Get into the spirit of the season with these great picks from IndieMade sellers.


Inspiration photos for spring

1. "Flora" by Jen J. Swanson Designs - 2. Interchangeable Flip Flops by Everything Blooms

3. Paloma necklace by Simon & Ruby

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Extra! Read all about it!

Our blog got sick and took a health break, but it's on the mend and will be running smoothly soon. But first: News!

We (read: Axel and the dev team) have been busily working on and testing IndieMade version 0.2.6, which we hope to release in just another week or two. This version is chock full of goodies, including Google Analytics, XML sitemap, integration with social media sites, and a brand new theme option. We are trying to contain our excitement!