IndieMade: Empower Your Creative Business, Whether Artist, Crafter, Etsy Seller, or Supplier!

Are you an artist, crafter, Etsy seller, or supplier? IndieMade is designed just for you, providing a streamlined path to get your products online. We're here to complement, not replace, the Etsy community, whether you're crafting unique pieces or supplying essential materials.

Why Choose IndieMade?

  1. Instant Integration with Etsy: If you're part of the Etsy world, IndieMade is your next step. We work with Etsy, not against it, connecting effortlessly and offering the best Etsy product integration out there.
  2. Affordability without Compromise: From $4.99 a month, every feature is accessible, no matter the package. Pure value for every creative seller, including suppliers.
  3. We're Indie, Like You: Small and indie, that's IndieMade. We're not a marketplace, but a platform that understands your needs personally.
  4. Built for Simplicity: Time is precious; IndieMade lets you focus on what you love, making the selling process easy and joyful.
  5. Simple and Minimalistic Themes: Your products deserve to shine, and our elegant themes make that happen.

We Celebrate All Etsy Community Members

IndieMade welcomes artists, crafters, sellers, and suppliers. Unlike marketplaces, we're a unique platform where your brand thrives, and where you control your store. We work with Etsy, enhancing and extending your opportunities, not competing with it.

Join Us in Making Selling Simple

Discover a world that cherishes creativity and supports all Etsy community members. IndieMade is here to make your selling journey smooth, efficient, and authentically indie. We're your platform, your way to express and succeed.

IndieMade is a unique platform that offers artists, crafters, creators, and suppliers the freedom to showcase and sell their products. While we provide the ability to integrate seamlessly with Etsy, our system is entirely independent and does not rely on Etsy to function. Whether you're connected to Etsy or not, IndieMade empowers you to have full control over your unique identity, online presence, and the way you run your store. You can choose to enhance your reach by linking with Etsy, or stand alone with the complete support of IndieMade's well-optimized environment. It's about offering you flexibility and choice in how you connect with your audience, all with a focus on quality, creativity, and connection.

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