Brand You: Discover Your Brand, Uncover Your Audience

Uncovering your brand and discovering your audience is a valuable process when starting a new business or growing your current one. Sometimes it happens naturally, other times, it requires a little work.

When I work with artists who are setting up their own websites, they are often befuddled by the word “brand.” To them, brand = Coca Cola, Nike and McDonald’s.

Don't Be an Infringer

Has someone ever used an image you created without your permission - and never even linked back to you?

Flip it around: How many times have you found that perfect image for your blog post but didn't think it was important to credit the creator?

On the internet, it's easy to feel as though everything is fair game. After all, it isn't like you went into someone's art gallery and snatched a painting off the wall.

Or is it?

Yeah, sometimes it is. Copyright law is a fuzzy sort of thing, but it boils down to this: