Free Shipping Coupons

If you use your IndieMade site to sell goods, you'll want to consider taking advantage of a recent much-requested enhancement to the coupons feature: free shipping. With the holiday season around the corner, being able to offer shipping free can make your store competitive and encourage on-the-fence buyers to take the plunge and buy.

Setting one up couldn't be simpler: just log into your dashboard, navigate to store > coupons, and click on Add a New Coupon. Enter the code (what the customer types in), a description, and select Free Shipping for the type.

Adding a Free Shipping Coupon

That's it! Customers using the coupon won't be charged for shipping.

Of course, as with all coupons, you can set restrictions on how they're used, for example only on orders of sufficient size. You can read more about coupons in the handbook page on coupons. (Note that coupons are not available on the basic plan.)

Let the slew of orders commence!

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