Your Craft Business: At the Starting Line

So, you want to start your own craft business? There are some things to keep in mind before merging your beloved hobby with the demanding world of business. Before you start thinking about copyrighting or cost of goods sold or wholesale or even start-up capital, you have to consider some life changing decisions and build your creative confidence.

Learning how to start a craft business is no easy task. It can take a few years to really set your company in motion and the first year is always the toughest. So, the first item on the agenda is your attitude. Before you do anything, give yourself determination. You have to approach this endeavor with a go-getter mindset because the road ahead can be dark, frustrating and unforgiving. Wrap your head around the fact that you will face difficulties and rejection, but look at these setbacks as shaping tools to sculpt your perfect business in the future.

Market Research

Once you’re all pumped and ready to think about how to start a craft business, the next step is research. Research can be a lot more fun than it sounds.  You will be surprised how much you discover about your own style once you’ve looked at what’s out there.  Keep in mind you want contribute something even more unique and fantastic. Before you jump in, make some prototypes and get a second opinion. Show your product or product idea to some friends and family. Find folks who will tell you the truth.  Although it is nice to receive compliments, it is very useful to receive constructive criticism when designing a product.

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Working From Home

Most likely, you’re going to start your craft business from your home. Working from your home can be as much of a blessing as it is a curse. Try to assign a specific space in your home for your craft business. For example, having your bed with fresh warm linens and extra-soft pillows next to your craft table may work against you when trying to reach a deadline. Once you find a space, organize and decorate that area to help keep your mind focused and creative. A room too barren can drain the creative juices right out of you while a room too crazy can distract you from your tasks.

Plan for It

Finally and most importantly, you must consider how you will manage your time, resources and energy. Learning how to start a craft business can be both physically and emotionally exhausting.  It can eat up all of your time and money.  It is best to plan how you will approach your work and manage your time and be prepared for success!  Yes, success.  How will you handle all of the orders once they come rolling in?

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