Good Wrapping

Are you offering gift wrapping for purchases made in your shop? Whether you offer it for free or for a fee, gift wrapping is an excellent way to make your customers' lives a little easier during the mad holiday rush. But let's be honest: wrapping and packaging can get expensive! How can you make your gift wrapping cost effective as well as lovely? Below are some ideas to get you started.

Brown paper packages tied up in string - So simple and traditional, yet it still works! Use stamps, paint, cutouts, or your printer to personalize the package with a holiday theme or message, or simply tie with twine or ribbon.

Recycled aluminum foil - Do you like shiny things? Recycled foil is eco-friendly and can help add that "wow" factor. Wrap your items carefully in the foil (be careful not to crumple it!) and tie with twine, yarn, ribbon, or cord.

Printed paper - Old road maps, sheet music, or newspaper make for some of the most fascinating wrapping paper. Dress up the packages with a paper bloom made from the same or contrasting paper.

Cloth - Japanese furoshiki are cloth wrappings meant to be reused. They can be any fabric, color, or print, so be creative! Make your own or buy them.

Custom gift boxes - A custom box isn't as hard as it sounds. Follow this template to print and assemble your own box.

Do you have other ideas for great wrapping? Leave them in the comments!

  fabric wrapped packages  

photo via vaneea

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